Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday, already

This will be mostly photos.  As I have been collecting things to take to our "Show and Tell" event this week-end, I did borrow back (just for the week-end) what is probably my favorite quilt.  You may remember it - it was for my DD's birthday in 2010.  The pattern and some of the fabrics were from Shipshewana.  I just love it.  In all candor, it is NOT my very best work (there are many mistakes) but I still love it.  Perhaps I should make another one?????

We have been enjoying 3 days of very nice autumn weather - due to end tonight with rain for the next 4+ days.  (Oh yuk)  So in case I forget what it can look like,

We even got in some needed pruning yesterday, but now all the cans and bags are full.  Was this the last time to mow the lawn?  Oh my - not my favorite time of the year.  Alas!

A little tasty treat to take this week-end: Krispie treats with candy corn.  YUM!

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Laura said...

That truly is a beautiful quilt, made all the more delightful because it's your favorite. :) And those Rice Krispie treats -- never would have thought to put candy corn in them. Might have to try that some day. Thanks for the idea!