Wednesday, October 26, 2011

RVW Country Fair

Our RVing group had a Country Fair theme last week-end, at our last event of the year.  It was great, great fun to see what people do in their "other" time when they are not out in their RV's.  So here are some photos from that,
Stashbusters raffle quilt

Baseball card collection

Lego VW

Animal masks


Carpentry and Wood Burning
What an amazingly talented bunch of women.  Everyone enjoyed both the 'showing' and the looking.  It was a fun time, despite the perpetual rains.  Now to pack those beasts away until we head out again in March (at least that is the next organized event).  Boo Hoo.


Laura said...

Lovely, creative, unique, and just plain ol' fun. :) What a wonderful way to close out your camping season. Will have to keep this idea in mind for one of our rallies. Thanks for sharing, friend. :)

Caroline said...

I love those knitted socks. They look very warm and comfortable. bye bye Caro