Saturday, October 1, 2011

What's Going on?

Wowzer - it's October already.  Seems that we were just planning our big jaunt to the Netherlands and now where are we?  [I got the blog of our trip printed - I'll show you photos next time]

These past few days I finished up the quilt (top) for my brother's up-coming Granddaughter.  I think she is due in November.
His wife assures me that her DIL is not real "girly" -so this will be girl enough for this new little one.  I think it is rather sophisticated.

Autumn is here.  But Elaine got a 3rd coat on the garage door and it looks really good (before the rains really came down)

Yesterday the Grands had no school, but the two girls weren't feeling well.  So GS and his Nana had a day together.  We had great fun and he always is on his very best behavior when he is here (as opposed to what his mother says happens at home - isn't it always that way?).  We taught him to play Five Crowns - our latest new (to us) card game.  He loves to play Peggle on the computer and then we did a bit of sewing.  He is really quite good at using the machine and it was fun for both of us.  Nana cut out the fabric and he stitched the pieces together to make burp cloths for his new cousin.  And viola!  Christmas gifts already to go and hand-made by him.
He is quite good at stitching straight seam lines but this is a great aid - just run your fabric along the edge and you get very straight seams. 

Good, huh?  I'm also working on a little quilt for the NICU at Providence Hospital - I'll show you that too.


Laura said...

Lovely work by both you and Elaine, friend! And GS's burp cloths are sweet. :) Thanks for sharing.

Caroline said...

Good work from your GS. I'm curious how your printed blog is looking. bye bye Caro