Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"Interesting" Times

I seem to recall a Chinese proverb about things being "interesting", when what you really mean is something less attractive.  Hmmmm.  I think these are "interesting" times around Casa Nana.  I have been in for some medical tests and that is quite BLEECH!  But more is still to come, so we shall see what transpires.  I really don't want to focus on that.

I have been busily working to finish up more little Christmas projects.  I guess it is true that you can NEVER start too early.  I thought I was waaaaay ahead of the curve, but still working about as quickly as I can.  CTA had a meeting and Christmas party on Monday.  My little Cornelia (sheep) ornament was done and wrapped for the ornament exchange.  I produced 7 dozen cookies

for the cookie exchange.  The organizer had a really fun game:  there were 6 things people wore/had on their person and the idea was that you must mingle with everyone and find the things listed:
*  a piece of wrapping paper
*  a piece of a Christmas tree
*  a piece of Santa's beard
*  a Christmas hanger
*  a piece of tinsel
*  a Christmas ornament

I was the wrapping paper, so I took a button form normally used to make a covered button and instead inserted wrapping paper.  My practice one was a blue snowflake and it turned out quite well.  (I can't find it now for a good picture, sorry)  However, I planned to wear something green so I wanted a button that would blend in better with my clothes,
In every subsequent effort the paper tore.  GRRRRRR.  So I gave up and wore the blue one, with a silk scarf and an amazing number of folks couldn't find it!  It's a fun game, should you ever have to come up with one.

Last evening was the trip with the grands on the Christmas Ship.  For the past 62 years a local company has put on boat trips, at night, at Christmas, along the shoreline of Lake Washington and Puget Sound.  The boat is all decorated and illuminated and a number of other decorated boats follow along.  On our boat there was a choir with great loud speakers, so that as we moved along, the choir was broadcast to the shore.  Folks were lined up watching and listening.  One park even had a huge bonfire with folks gathered around to await the arrival of the Christmas ship and hear the singing.  They had little games for the children and goodie bags, trivia games for the adults, as well as waving to the shoreline.  It was quite cold but it was DRY.  Hallelujah.  So we had a very fun 2 hour jaunt along Puget Sound.  I think the kids really enjoyed it.  They also liked the hot chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles (of course!)

Nana had had a request for more pillowcases, so those will get wrapped for under the tree,
Hopefully those will be fun: grown-up sunshines for the oldest, soccer balls for the middle and dollies for the youngest.  This morning I finished the piecing of the 9 rows for the quilt that will be a wedding gift from my daughter to her very dear friend - now just to put them together and find a border.  Photos to follow.

Hope you are having fun with all this preparation stuff. 

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