Sunday, December 18, 2011

Look Out Christmas - here we come

Today was the annual Christmas ornament exchange with our Pine Needle camping buddies.  It really is so nice, to gather, have a great meal and share our individual highlights of the past year.  I had forgotten how nice that was (and way before New Year's eve).  
Little artificial tree - I had wanted to get a real one, but sort of ran out of time and they were SO expensive.  I could love this little one.

Diane made delicious individual pecan pies.

Every one takes a number and in that order, they choose a package.  Up to 2 more times it can be "stolen".  That's how I got my ornament (and as I was the second it couldn't be stolen from me.  Hurrah!)
Glass.  Isn't that cute?  A very fun tradition.


Laura said...

Beautiful ornament, friend. And a delightful way to acquire new decorations. :)

Caroline said...

Lovely to see you all in your livingroom. Can't wait to sit on sofa again. bye bye Caro