Saturday, December 3, 2011

Grey Saturday Morning

No - it isn't raining.  I guess I should be grateful for that, but it is quite dreary outside.  The big project for today is to meet my son at the RV storage lot and get the winter cover on the RV.  Required?  No, but it does help to keep it clean and with whatever there is in the air and acid rain and all that nasty stuff out there.

Meanwhile, while I was out at a class yesterday, a parcel arrived from Bird Brain Designs.  Oh excitement.  I guess yesterday was a "learning" day.  First off, we learned how to make clothesline fabric bowls.  Oh I love it!
This is made from a rather unattractive black (with some red) Christmas fabric, but it works just fine for this.  I have cut more strips of a tan fabric and will try my hand at an oval bowl next.  This is easy and great fun.

And then my ordered goodies - they are mainly in an effort to learn how to do felted wool applique.  It has always looks very do-able but have never had all the necessary supplies.  So now I have them.
Little plastic bubbles in which to keep Perle cotton [instead of my usual chasing them through the sewing basket].  And you can read the color number through the top.  These are in order to make
It was cute and didn't look so difficult for a first project.  [and in case you are intimidated, Robin is very responsive on their website/blog, with questions.]

Some of us, apparently, are a bit to slow to know about all the latest.  However, you can now buy freezer paper in sheets to feed through the printer.  Who knew?  (not me!)
And lastly, I bought 3 designs preprinted on the Fabri-solvy.  [I have some 8.1/2 x 11 sheets that also feed through the printer, but this is longer and it's easier than having to make two copies and tape them together]  If you recall, you peel off the backing and simply stick this onto whatever will be the background for your stitchery.  When you are all finished sewing through the paper then you simply soak it off.  Way cool.
D.D. had a wedding to attend last evening, so Nana was the designated babysitter for the two youngest.  The oldest one was singing with the school choir at a neighborhood tree lighting and didn't get home until later.  So Nana managed to get the binding finished,
[In case you didn't know, as I didn't - wool batting is quite fluffy.  It's very nice, but puffs up quite a bit.  I was using batting scraps and didn't realize what I had grabbed, at first]  Happy Week-end.


Anonymous said...

Love your bowl, something new you can teach me. bye bye Caro

Laura said...

Oh, you're SUCH a busy bee! I especially like the bowl, too, and have considered trying my hand at them. Maybe you can explain how to get the sides to "raise up". And the wool thingy -- too cute! Thanks for sharing, friend. :)

Susan said...

It IS raining here, and drudgey looking. I love shopping at bird brain, and have those bubbles too. Too dumb to put the balls in number side up, though, so I missed that feature. LOL I need more. The wool project looks like such fun. Wool is so beautifully easy to work, and I know you'll be addicted to it. The good (or bad, depending) thing is that every quilt shop doesn't carry it, so I'm not *constantly* tempted by more - ha, ha, ha!