Thursday, December 8, 2011

Survived Wednesday

Last night was our (adopted church family) wrapping party.  We have been doing this for some years now (you may have just read about it here, if you have been with me for a while).  8 of us adopt a family - this year it was mom, dad and 4 children.  We buy gifts for each of them, as well as for the household.  We provide dinner to our little team, then it's time to clear the decks and get to our wrapping.  We always do a little Show and Tell with each other before we get everything wrapped up.  Sunday morning it is all collected in the Fellowship Hall at church and then later delivered to the agency/church for which it is intended.  I think last year the church as a whole adopted about 85 families.  It is a nice tradition.

Everyone helped get the house returned to some normalcy.  So today I got to find some time in the sewing room - HURRAH!  As you may have figured out about me, I love to learn new techniques.  So here is the latest.  {Sharon in Stashbusters loaned me the template to play with.}

Apparently there is also a larger tool to use with 10" squares.  Hmmmm.  I sure love this.

Yesterday the postman brought my latest parcel from Minewood Quilting.  I have been buying quarterly fat quarter packets from Agnes for years.  These are all from the Stof fabric line, from Denmark.  It is called "Basics".

All things being what they are, I have finally had to cancel this.  I love it, but it just is so terribly expensive to buy their fabrics, plus shipping.  Gracious.  It will be great fun to decide how to use them.

And then because I woke up early and had the time, I made a few more of these,
I swear those holiday fabrics are breeding in their little bin, from month to month.  The number of strips seems to increase from one opening to the next.  :-)


Laura said...

Your creativity is an inspiration, friend. And so is your other-centeredness. :) Thanks for sharing.

Caroline said...

That twister quilt looks lovely. bye bye Caro