Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Sewing

This morning started with a very nice service at church, entirely done by the youth.  They really did a great job and were composed and very adult in their presentations.  I was impressed and hold out great hope with those folks taking over.

And after some left-over pizza for lunch, headed down to my little stitchery cave.  Such fun.  I was able to finish up some previously begun blocks - part of the block-a-month that's been on hold for several months.  I have shown you block one, here are 2 and 3-4,

And then because I have wanted to give this a try, made 3 blocks in a pattern called "Scrap Basket Paddle Wheel".  I really made mine scrappy, just digging into my darks box.  [The pattern called for a more controlled palate, but also said one could do this - totally random.]  Biggest challenge is all the bias edges.  Another friend made this and said she just used spray sizing and just sprayed the bejeepers out of the blocks.  I didn't do that, but was oh so careful ironing.  (please ignore the background - my closet doors are so multi-purpose)

I think they are pretty fun, don't you?  The sun has finally come out and it makes all the plants and flowers look so cheerful.  Happy Sunday!

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Caroline said...

It really looks cheerfully. How many blocks to go. Caro