Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Got my borders on

My longarm quilter friend came over and we had some conversation about what sort (if any) of a border this quilt needed.  The consensus was that "yes", one was required.  So having auditioned several fabrics, decided to use the old-fashioned small floral that is in the quilt.  I also really liked the plain green, but didn't have enough, so just made a flange inside the border.

[sorry I don't have a better way to show you the quilts, but you get the idea this way, anyway]  This one I really want to get ready to go to the quilter before we head out in the RV.  The gal this is for will be working in Seattle this summer before she heads south for college in August.

I'm patching together some batting remnants to use inside some wall hangings that I'm finishing up.  Yeah!!!!!  And one table runner is ready for hand sewing the back side of the binding.  Things are buzzing here at Casa Nana.  [Hope you're having more spring weather than we are.  BLECH!!!!]

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Caroline said...

To make you jealous, we had a nice sunny day here. bye bye Caro