Friday, June 15, 2012

Terrific Friday

Lovely spring/summer like weather.  Makes me so happy.  We even could have al fresco dining (for lunch) - so nice.
My morning began with making one of my favorite appetizers.  Tomorrow is friend Alayne's 70th (!) birthday, so these are to take to the party.  Use "Little Smokies" and crescent roll dough,

So simple.  Simply cut the dough in half, lengthwise and roll up one of the little sausages.  I have frozen mine and then will simply pop them into a bag until I'm ready to bake them.
They are always gone in moments when I serve them. And then should there be any roll dough left, you have to bake them and viola - ready for lunch,
Very tasty, indeed.  The yard is also so nicely blooming,

Getting ready for a jaunt in our RV, so I need a little project to work on.   I have been using the light box and transferring the design onto some pinky-beige 'dimples'.  This pattern calls to use a piece of muslin behind and worked with the top fabric as one.  So last night I ironed and basted it all together.  I have collected the floss and am about ready to go.
And then this afternoon, because I needed a short little project, I made the sandwich for another table runner.  It always makes me feel so good to use this batting - it's made from recycled plastic drink bottles.  (can to see that it is literally green?)  Got this quilted and will work on bindings tonight.
Happy week-end.

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Caroline said...

I remember making this little saucages. Yammie, send some over here.bye bye Caro