Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Those oldies but goodies


It really is quite fun to finally finish up a few things that have been "percolating" for quite some time.  Perhaps quilt projects are like fine wine and they improve with being put away and just sitting for a while (?).  This particular one I really do love and don't know why I didn't get my act together before now, as it is more than 10 years old.  But finished at last - one early morning when I couldn't sleep.  Added the binding and viola - a Christmas skirt complete.

All paper pieced.  More tedious than hard.  And it sure took forever to get all the paper out - I remember that part.

Table runner with millenium fabric included.  [Ok, Ok, I know, long ago and far away, but finished now and ready for an up-coming birthday.
Another table runner with the paddle wheel pattern.  Easy, peasy, with all 2 1/2" strips.  I think I'll do another one, one of these days.

Sweet little piece, in honor of Jeanne, a former member of our Stashbusters group.  It is hand appliqued and hand quilted.  She used to do whole bed quilts like this - amazing work.  [hers, not mine].  But it makes me happy.  It is a Becky Goldsmith design.

Today's "tell" is about getting a ticket because my "tabs" were out of date.  They always send a reminder [except this year they didn't.  It's only a courtesy, I'm told.].  So I had to buzz pronto to the licensing office.  Except I was due for an emission test.  So, after paying $5 for a paper that said I had visited the licensing people, and intended to get new tabs, but had to get the emission test done - in case the police stopped me.  I got the test done and passed, so back to the licensing office for my new tabs.  No checkbook, but they have a large sign that says "we take credit cards, except VISA".  What do I have?  Yup.  But they say they will accept VISA debit cards, for a $2 fee, so I hand over my card.  Except there is one local credit union whose VISA debit won't work - mine!  So it's off to the cash machine to pay for the tabs.  I'm sure you will be reassured to know that I am now driving legally with up-to-date tabs on my car.  Yikes - what an adventure.

Tomorrow it's do the final packing, sorting, planning for our motorhome adventures which begin on Friday.  I will try to get some freezer jam made tomorrow, too, while there are local berries available.  I think just driving along will seem peaceful and relaxing after these past few weeks.  Phew!

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