Monday, September 3, 2012


Is it true for everyone - September arrives and historically for each of us it has been the month of new beginnings: new clothes, new books, new pens and pencils, new classrooms, new teachers, new friends, etc. etc.?  I am feeling very new "beginning-ish".  Thus a new color on the blog.  We had a great Labor Day week-end.  Among other things, I helped several friends to accessorize an apron.  We really had such fun working on this project.  I had brought along lots of partial blocks that I had in a drawer, just collecting dust, as well as ribbons, crayons and some design ideas.  Another friend had paints and stencils and pens.  Great fun, really.
We ate, giggled, ate and then it was time to eat again.  Oh my gracious so many good cooks.  On Sunday we did visit GeeGee's for a bit of required fabric shopping.  As I only get down to this shop once or twice a year, a visit was mandatory.  I will show you what I bought.  [Not so much.]

And then on our return today, we were invited to a BBQ at a friends' home.  Her mother is here visiting from Kansas and she brought me some quilt blocks for my Dutch friend Caro - if she wants them.  They are Sunbonnet Sue blocks, hand done on old sugar sacks.  They date from approximately 1932.

Caro just needs to come and pick them up.  [hint, hint]

Enjoy this new beginning.

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Caroline said...

Hi Marne,
you look lovely in your aprons. What a good idea to use some quiltblocks. And yes it's a lovely quilt, yes I would love to pick it up, 2013 will be the challenge.
Dieuwke and I have a holiday, so we will do a short holiday at her aunt till saturday, and then 1 day at her mum, and then she has to start her study, my study starts in october. bye bye Caro