Saturday, October 27, 2012

Firday in the kitchen

In my effort to have some free time for some sewing today, I got busy last night and cooked.  I made Snert - erwtensoep.  (that's the Dutch)  You know it as split pea soup.  Yummy.

dried peas, onions, leeks, carrots and some ham.  The original calls for celery, but I didn't have any, so celery salt had to do.  Should be good.

And then using a King Arthur mix that I had, I made stollen.  The package makes 2 loaves.  We enjoyed some this morning for breakfast.  This is normally a Christmas bread, but we are just anticipating what's ahead.  Quite nice.  Particularly because I'm not a big citron - candied fruit - person,  I added raisins, craisins, dried cherries, apricots and pineapple.  They were all soaked in a vanilla syrup, then added as required.  (3 lbs!) A couple of raises and then bake.

Now to the sewing room and then off to the volleyball.


Caroline said...

I can smell it here. Looks very tasteful, and well in a few months it's camping again.

Bernadette van Gils said...

oh very nice Snert en bread you have made, i can taste it allmost when i look at it.
And why wait untill christmas to make this bread. it tasts all year i think
nice sunday for you and your family