Thursday, October 11, 2012

The grays are returning

We have had such a marvelous long run of GREAT weather, but it is now coming to a close.  It was quite gray and cloudy this morning [although it did clear sometime after 2pm].  This morning we went for a wonderful walk across two small islands in Lake Washington (behind the University of Washington).

So enjoy the outlook,

Isn't this great?  Wish I was a writer and could describe this. 

Husky stadium (south stands - on the left) are almost totally rebuilt now.

We continued across the islands and into the Washington Park Arboretum


Bernadette van Gils said...

what a beautiful place to go for a walk, i enjoyed your pictures very much
have a nice weekend

Caroline said...

Well it's grey weekend here as well. So join the club ; ). Dieuwke and I will be good girls and will study together this afternoon instead of quilting together. Willem is doing the cooking. bye bye Caro