Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saturday Report

We were out of town last week-end, thus no posting from Casa Nana for a while.  We had a very pleasant outing to Orcas Island (in the San Juan Islands).  I had never been there, so it was great exploring and learning about Orcas.  So, a few photos:
Doe Bay Resort - a bit run down, but fun

Blakely Island across Doe Bay

Atop Mt. Constitution (2400 ft) view out to Puget Sound

Coming down Mt. C - looking toward San Juan Island

Sea Stars

Early morning - Doe Bay

I have also been doing a few sewing type projects, so I can share those.  My sewing room is a mess, but I am finishing a few things.  Hurrah.

CTA Christmas project for a foster children's program - we make and stuff Christmas stockings and this year, we're doing a fleece hat to include, as well.

CTA also makes small quilts for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Providence Hospital, Everett.  We had a sewing day a couple of weeks ago where I almost finished one - brought it home to complete and two more kits.

Using up those bits and pieces and making bags for wine or for similar sized bottles,
And finally here's another "use it up" project.  I have visualized this for some time and decided that I thought it would be fun.  I'm quite excited because I think it meets the cute requirement - As of last night I had finished 10 strips - about 8-10 more to go,
Now to choose red or green binding.  [Who has too many Christmas scraps?]


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Caroline said...

I think I prefer a green binding. You have been busy. Cu on skype somewhere between getting out of my bed and breakfast. Have a good sunday. bye bye Caro