Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mid week

I promise not to focus on this, but I gotta whine for a minute. For reasons unknown to anyone on the west coast, NBC has chosen to delay Olympics broadcasts from live (we are in the same time zone as Vancouver) to a delayed broadcast, of Olympic events. Normally we would have watched the events live on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp) -forget NBC- but because CBC didn't get the contract to cover the games, we have no option but wait from 7-8pm (it varies) to midnight (!) to watch. Oh come on! Enough.

Somehow I had a wild hair last night and made a breakfast casserole for today. I had some left over challah bread and saved some asparagus from dinner and just added swiss and parmesan cheese. (of course, milk and eggs too). Well, this is the remainder after breakfast. Yup - it went down really well.

Watching Olympics (to the middle of the night!) necessitates some hand work. I had purchased the quilt top, made the back and my friend Alayne quilted it. Found this nice black with little leaves for the border - King sized quilt

Gift for my brother. I think it will be well received.

Unfortunately today must be a paperwork day for CTA. I'll have to squeeze in a few minutes of sewing sometime. At church I'm a mentor for a fabulous 16 year old gal and she and I have a tea date this afternoon. Great fun!

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You're a busy girl. bye bye Caro