Saturday, February 20, 2010

Really Using Scraps

All this beautiful weather makes all of us (including the flowers) think that spring is here. We are scheduled to have weather in the mid to high 50's, at least until next Wednesday. Imagine that!

Our Quilt guild's up-coming spring retreat has a theme of "Spring Chicken" (ahar, ahar). So we have decided that for table 'favors' we are making chicken hot mitts. They are pretty cute but doggone they are a lot of trouble to make. All the layers tend to slip and as you have to stitch really close to the edge, it's easy to miss one or more of the layers. Most frustrating! But I have managed to complete one.

But on to scraps. [Back story: friend Ronda made a Courthouse Steps about a year ago. She had almost a shopping bag full of left over 1 1/4" strips. Of course, who could say "no" when she offered them to a new home. I have been mulling over what to do with them. I used a few in the Grandma blocks I made at Christmas Time.] I took some strips and started piecing them. First I just made blocks and sashed them.

Not sure what happens next but then decided why not use my old faithful pattern for wine bottle gift bags. They were a bit bulky but did work just fine,

Cute, huh? Is it my Scotch heritage? but it sure feels good to be putting those strips to a 'good' use.


ballardquilter said...

Marne deserved an award for finishing the chicken potholder. I tried to make one as well but after many failed attempts, Marne gave me permission to walk away from the hen. I think Marne was concerned that I might start cussing loud enough to bother the neighbors.

Caroline said...

I wanted to order a few chicken potholders, but after Ronda's comment, maybe it's better to choose another chicken :). bye bye Caroline