Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday This and That

It's hard to get lots done between Olympic events. Quite a few Northwest competitors - it's fun to follow along with their successes and less-than successes. It's great!

My between activities have included a couple of borders, including this one (that you have seen before)

I'm liking it. I think I will look for something special for the back when I'm fabric shopping with my Dutch quilt buddies, in a couple of weeks.
Woo Hoo!

Finished a chicken for my poor, frustrated friend Ronda,
She had it all cut out - I just had to put it together. But I have to say (again) that it is difficult.

For the quilt guild retreat, we are making black and white string blocks which will be raffled off
at some point over the week-end - just because it will be fun,

And then just because, I've been cutting scraps to make 2 inch - 2 patches - a la Bonnie Hunter.

As I will be having houseguests in a couple of weeks, I had better get out of the sewing room and behind the vacuum cleaner. My hand is entirely healed up, so that isn't a good excuse. We'll be documenting that visit for you to follow along. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Love your logcabin quilt, it's really beautiful. see you in a couple of weeks. Don't worry about cleaning the house, we're not from the dutch inspection. see you in 2 weeks bye bye Caro