Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday, partly cloudy and 54`

My son telephoned from Washington, D.C. The federal government is closed for the day (again) because of the snow. And here we are thinking it's almost spring. I can even see a daffodil blooming, in the back yard, along with some crocus (what is the plural of that?) Sorry!

Been enjoying doing some catch up chores, preparing for a retreat and things like that. So to show you,
Finishing adding borders to the Bonnie Hunter Christmas mystery from Quiltmaker magazine (Christmas Lights). I have been toying with the idea of taking it to my friend Alayne's and trying out my skills on her longarm machine. Don't know about that. Suggestions?

In 2000 I started collecting reproductions of original block prints from the Dutch East Indies Company. These are available through an incredible shop in Amsterdam called Den Haan and Wagenmakers . The gentlemen who originally started this have sold the shop, but it is still in the same location selling fabrics to "die for". [and they are still producing reproductions of the originals] These do cost a 'pretty penny' (to American pocket books) so I have only bought a few pieces at a time. But I think that at last I have a sufficient variety to do a blue and cream quilt and have washed these and put them aside to cut and begin stitching at the Q.A. Quilt retreat in April. Oh so exciting. And aren't they just fabulous?

Friday the letter carrier rang my bell and look what she had for me?

Bonnie Hunter's brand new book. Oh my word, but it is delightful. Talk about busting your stash - right down to the 2 inch squares. In many ways, these quilts sort of build themselves as you stitch the squares while you are making other things. (at the beginning and ending - i.e. leaders and enders - of other things you are stitching, instead of a little patch of fabric that start your stitching on.)

And for this week, a big thank you to whomever cleaned out their closet recently. At the Goodwill I made another find - about 8 yards of fabric. It is perfect for the back of something, anyway. And are your ready for this? $6.99

Pretty good start to this week, yeah? Life is good!

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Anonymous said...

I'm very curious to see you Bonnie Hunter Quilt. bye bye Caro