Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday update

Here is my favorite mug. Think about it!

The only real instructions I had re my hand was 'keep it dry'. So with plastic bag and lots of masking tape, I headed off for the shower. (NO PHOTOS!) Well, not perfect as things were a bit damp but I can report being clean - if not lovely. Next shower time, we'll have to reconsider the bagging arrangements.

I am happy to report that I have lots of movement with my hand, so I have been working on the binding on my brother's Christmas quilt (no, no - last year's - just late, although he was out of town until just last week). Looking forward to watching the Olympics and stitching binding. The soup for dinner is on low. Oh, life is good!

1 comment:

kjquilts said...

I hope your hand heals quickly. Love all the projects you've been working on. Especially the blue and cream prints! Oh, those ARE to die for...