Saturday, February 12, 2011

Easy Supper

You may have noticed the time on my last post - yes, I was up pretty early.  So thought I, why not get a head start on dinner, so it won't be a big deal after going to the movies.  And so we are having,
clean-out-the-refrigerator Nana's soup.  This is so doggone easy as you just literally clean out the 'fridge and use up those little bits of this and that.  With the addition of some few seasonings it always turns out great soup.  Really, the only problem is remembering later how you made it - making it again is always hard.

Chop up that little piece of onion, in the vegetable drawer and add some celery

That one poor leek left in the drawer - add it to the pot 

What else ya got?  A little left over tomato sauce, a part of a can on mushrooms, one sweet potato and some turkey broth (frozen from Thanksgiving).  Voila!  Supper.  Just find some good bread and you are all set.


Caroline said...

Sounds good. Love the pictures of both quilts. Emma did a really good job for the first time. In 10 minutes we will be watching the world skate champions in Calgary. bye bye Caro

Cybele's patch said...

Sounds lovely (apart from the broth, I am a vegetarian) See that you are a 'quick cook' too. I sometimes have to improvise and use whatever I can find. Strange thing is that it always seems to turn out very good and tasty.
Smakelijk eten!