Thursday, February 24, 2011

Two crazy quilters - again

Caro is here and even in just less than 24 hours we have been so busy.  So I will share a few things and then you will want to visit her blog.  She is much more of a photographer than I am (as well as much better).  She came bearing many gifts, including

 We both were busy last night, me with delectible mountains and cutting the sashing for my buggy barn flowers

Two quilters in one household.  The psychic energy is amazing.  Fortunately we both have the same (main) sewing machine so it is easy to go back and forth.  She got these little triangle blocks in the mail (ordered through ebay) and last night cut and sewed the muslin to make the squares and setting triangles.  Luckily I had a red that worked perfectly for a binding.
We had a bit of surprise over night and awoke to this
but we don't expect it will slow us down.  Later we will visit a great nearby quilt shop and I will look for some additional fabric to add to the ends of Becka's scraps to make the quilt for my new grandchild.  The fabric will be perfect with the poster than my son and DIL have picked out for the baby's room,  Animals of the World
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