Friday, February 25, 2011

Sewing with a spoon?

Have you ever heard of doing this?  Having watched it being done, it makes perfect sense, but the initial idea seemed very strange.

The edge of the spoon helps to raise the needle up when you are doing basting.

Caro reports that she always does this for basting quilts. 

 This is Caro's lovely "re-created" antique quilt.  The triangle blocks are apparently about 1870-1890.  She added the muslin triangles to make each block and setting triangles.  It is lovely.  She has already started hand quilting it.

We have managed to take over the family room for a little sewing center.  It works very well.
More adventures to come.


Cybele's patch said...

Looks like you both are having a wonderful time! What a great idea about using the spoon for basting. I knew some quilters use it for quilting but never heard of this one. Never too old to learn ;-)
Lovely quilts you are working on. It must be so much fun to do all this together. Keep on having a good time!

willemijn said...

hi marne, how nice to see the spoon-method at your blog. I learned to quilt from a very lovely older lady a couple of years ago, she told me she always does handquilting with a little spoon,......
best wishes, willemijn