Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Quick Update

Sorry, my friends, I forgot to bring the cable/camera connection cord with me.  We are visiting family in Michigan, but nothing to show you. (yet). Next week when we get home there will be photos.  Today was a trip to Field's Fabrics - a marvelous store in western Michigan.  AND they were having their anniversary sale.  So two different prints with books on them, for the book department at the church superfluity sale.  We are making aprons for the departmental workers.  Yeah for books!  Those were 25% off.  And they had batik's for 30% off.  Marvelous.  So I did find one that seemed like it would make a great border for my Pomegranate buck-a-block collection.  (Thangles)  Then we visited Pressing Matters - a brand new quilt shop.  Small, but she had some lovely things.  I found two Kathy Schmitz embroidery patterns - just because.  We're having fun and weather is quite presentable.  Today it was over 60` by the mid afternoon.  We drove out to the Lake Makatawa/Lake Michigan channel.  The beach in (almost) winter.  Tomorrow we'll be doing some cooking for a dinner at Karen and Mike's church. 

Don't give up.  I'll be back with photos, one of these days.

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Laura said...

Did you know that many cords are interchangeable? I bet E's family has a cord that would work with your camera. Just saying ... ;) Glad you're having a good time, though, and that it hasn't snowed.