Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday this and that

I am doing some catching up - just you wait and see.  This morning started off sunny and it was quite a hoot to watch the Blue Jay's trying to get the birdseed in the feeder.  It is made for much smaller birds and so the jays flap madly to try to get their big bodies on the little tiny perches.  Funny.  And mostly they manage to send the feeder rocking and spray birdseed all over the ground - then the little birds come along and pick it up off the ground.  Entertaining.

And because I was in the mood and had the fixings, we had Drie in de Pan for breakfast.  I can highly recommend it.  [I've talked about this Dutch recipe before.  It is basic pancake mix to which you add grated apple and raisins.  The translation of the name is 3 in the pan, but I usually put more than 3 in my big skillet.  They still taste great.]

As promised, here are the Buck-a-block blocks that I finished making yesterday.  A new one is due to be available tomorrow.

This color scheme is called Pomegranate.  And then I have these for sashing and for borders,
 Pretty fun, huh?

Do you remember this?
Top is all done and today I managed to cobble together a back (from 3 of these fabrics) and have done some quilting on the top.  Then I've only to find a binding and it's all set for the holidays.  Ho Ho Ho.

And just a bit of hand work,
And there you have it.  The stacks are diminishing - ba boom ba bing!


Caroline said...

Diminishing your stack? That's hard to believe ;).
bye bye Caro

Susan said...

You're clearing out UFOs? You go! It's always my goal, but I keep getting distracted by other things. <Must follow shiny spot - bye!)