Sunday, September 9, 2012

Great weather comes to an end (for a while)

We have gotten so spoiled.  Every day beautiful, beautiful sunshine.  It always makes me feel so cheerful.  [and a bit more energetic]

Found an interesting sounding dessert in a Diabetic Living magazine.  It is called a custard, but I think it is more cakey.  Applesauce, oatmeal, egg, butter, a finely chopped (unpeeled) apple - baked.  When it is done, you top it with toasted pecans and powdered sugar.  Oh yummy.  115 calories.
  Nice little treat.

Saturday was hot and sunny.  After soccer with my 5 yo granddaughter (quite funny to watch - although Miss M scored both of her team's goals!  Yeah!) our friends came over with chainsaw in tow to help remove a tree.  Our yard seems filled with plantings that have out-grown the space they are allotted.  For example - see the tree in the middle.  We are not entirely sure if it is a Juniper or a Spruce.  Do you know from looking?
There is a large pine on the left, a big camelia, our evergreen "thing" and then a Lilac.

you can hardly tell anything is missing.  After a bit of pruning on the camelia and lilac, you'll never know anything is gone.  It is also fortunate that the neighbors have a vine maple up against their side of the fence, so it just fills in that empty space.  Busy, busy, busy.

Today it was gray and cloudy with temperatures 20 degrees less than yesterday.  The TV is even saying maybe rain.  First rain in more than 40 days.  


Bernadette van Gils said...

The dessert lookes very nice but i have to loose some waith so i don't think i am going to make it.
What a lot of trees in your garden and so big that's why i understand that you have cut some off theme
Waht a nice spot in your garden to sit and relax
here also a bit of rain en lower temp, saturday we could walk in bikini and now we need a coat or swaeter when we go outside
i wish you a nice week en i hope that i make not too much mistakes in my english writing

Caroline Dijkerman said...

Don't ask me anything about gardens or trees ; ). We had some beautiful weather over the weekend, today 9/11 our wedding day) it's just raining, tomorrow we're leaving for Germany for a few days. Cu after the weekend. bye bye Caro