Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Some sewing and a church retreat

Our CTA group does several different charity projects.  And Janet and a few other were so organized, at our last meeting they distributed, to all the members, a Christmas stocking to sew, as well as a polar fleece hat.  Working on my stocking (waaaaay easy - may have to make some more for myself)
Add some decorations to the top and sew 'er up.  [Working on the hat.  Again, really easy.]  When these are done they will be filled and donated to a local youth shelter.  A nice project.

Another project we participate in is making quilts for the NICU at Providence Hospital, Everett.  We have made bereavement quilts for babies who die.  The nurses have asked for small quilts in which to bury the babies - if the parents wish for one.  We have made enough of those to meet the needs for a while.  We are now working on quilts for premies.  One is for the baby's use and one for the mom.  And then they are swapped, so each has the smell of the other.  Kits are assembled by CTA and from time to time we have a "sew thoughtful" day.  Friday we made easy, four patch quilts.  (approx. 30 inches square)

I brought home two extra kits to work on, as well. 

Did a bit of grandma duty on Friday,

And then, Monday we were off to a church retreat.  It is such a beautiful facility - Rainbow Lodge.  It is located in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, on 40 acres of lovely grounds.  So a bit of what that looks like - enjoy
View out our window,
In the meeting room
Saturday afternoon, during freetime, we went on a hike at a nearby park

Old Growth trees

Snoqualmie River
An Intrepid hiker

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Caroline said...

I like your 4-patch quilt. I still think it's a wonderful easy pattern. I'm preparing a 4-patch quilt for Mies now, do the cutting, and sew it on sunday on my featherweight.
Have a nice weekend with your friends, knuffles to all of you, Caro