Monday, September 17, 2012

The sun continues to shine

I'm not sure that the evironmentalists would agree, but having the sunshine continue is so blissful.  Makes each day so cheering. 

Around Casa Nana we have been doing several household type chores.  E got these planted for us, for next year's enjoyment (we hope)
Won't that be so nice.  Not sure if they are early or late or ????  Guess I'll have to check the garden book for these varieties.

Yesterday was a day of working on my buck-a-block blocks (say that a few times fast).  Mostly Ronda and I did cutting and we did have to make a very fast "emergency" store run to get the right size of Thangles, but those are now in hand, so here's one down and 23 to go.

Hope I can spend some time today working more on this little project.

Tonight Dutch classes begin again.  I haven't really looked at that for just months (literally) so it is sure to be a bit slow tonight.  Hope Doug isn't too far ahead of me (there are only 2 of us in the class).  I have read a few recipes in Dutch, but that doesn't really help my conversational skills.  Jammer.

Tot ziens.

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