Saturday, September 15, 2012

Visiting the Western Washington Fair

This was the week for our annual visit to the Puyallup Fair.  I know that most kids just love it, but so do some of us oldsters, too.  We began with the requisite scone and coffee - yum.  And then lots and lots of walking around to see things.  We went looking for two paintings our friend Patty Anne had entered in the Fair.  She didn't win any ribbons, but they were nicely displayed for all to enjoy.
There were 3 of us there and it was only afterwards that we saw the "No Photos" sign.  Oh dear.  I went to "check out" the quilts and will post some photos at the end (in case you don't care.  Is that possible?)  We found some lunch at a Greek outdoor restaurant,
and then walked through the Showplex.  At our house it is called the "Slice and Dice" Building.  It's where all the gadgets are.  We didn't find much, but it is always fun to wander around.  Nancy (pink shirt above) was in need of a new stuffed animal for her dog, so we wandered with her through all the 'game' booths - throwing and tossing and rolling, etc.  She did win a very cute penguin for Ariza.  [Two years ago it was a pink pig.]  We ended the afternoon with a low calorie (?????) 'Elephant Ear' with cinnamon and sugar.  Even sharing, we couldn't finish.  [No rootbeer floats this year, Caro.]

Quilts that caught my eye are here:  (see next blog)

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