Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"Back in the Saddle Again"

Well here we are, reality has set in and it's time to get busy! First and foremost - a huge thank you to Caroline for organizing my stay in the Netherlands over the past 2+ weeks. It was just an amazing time. If you haven't yet moved into 'overload', check out my Netherlands photos (actually most of those were taken by my personal photographer [Caro]) Look on the right side of the blog and click on Netherlands 2009. All the days are listed there and each one is full of photos.

My body is adjusting to a clock that is (currently) 8 hours earlier than western Europe. [they will move to day-light saving time this week-end] I made it to 6am today - the typical time to get up around here. After 9pm is still a bit challenging, but we very much enjoyed a concert last night by the Calvin College Women's Chorale. They were in the Northwest from Grand Rapids, MI. I was really impressed!

Monday morning I returned to my dear Stone Soup Quilting. Photos below. Our "director" Patty has broken her ankle, so she is sidelined, sewing bindings at the moment.

I have a number of projects ready to go, but need some time to do some catch-up - you know - put away the suitcases and start some laundry, etc. Caro and I designed a little gardening wall hanging on Sunday morning (the day I left for home) so that one is to be first.

And, our first RV event of the year is this week-end. I know it's still a bit on the cool and dreary side, but 'ducks' in the northwest aren't stopped by a little wet. We are headed down towards Mt. St. Helen's. Photos to follow.


Anonymous said...

Dear RV-queen, I wish you both a very good first weekend. groetjes Caroline

Joke said...

Glad you are home safe and sound, and enjoying normal life again!