Monday, March 2, 2009

Life sometimes interferes

Oh no, I have not fallen from the earth, just been incredibly diverted from catching up here. Planning for our trip has been the largest chunk of my real (and mental) time. All that laundry, what do I bring, do I have enough toothpaste/shampoo/etc, etc. You know how that goes. Always fun, but. . . . . . .

Thursday and Friday last week were fun and rather challenging. We awoke on Thursday morning to:

Now normally, it wouldn't be too big a deal except 2 others were meeting me here (6:45am) to drive south to Puyallup (20 miles +/-) for the Sewing and Stitchery Expo. This is advertised to be the largest of its kind in the U.S. and I would believe it. You really should try to come sometime as it is amazing, fun, and exciting if not somewhat overwhelming. I couldn't take photos so you will have to look at the website, but it an adventure to be looked-forward-to (is that real?) each year. With my CTA involvement, I was 'invited' to volunteer for a half day or two (or more) to help out. We did things like take tickets, help people find seats for the seminars, be sure that the presenters had whatever they needed and generally act as "room mothers" for half a day. I helped with seminars by Pam Clark (Background fillers for Machine Quilting), a gal who was a Jenny Haskins instructor (Debbie Homer, Embellish Ready made clothes) and Sandra Betzina (Zippers, zippers, zippers) on Thursday. Friday was Marcy Tilton, Silk Screening Made Easy, Sue Hausmann, Amerca Sews & Quilts, Pattie Otto, Savvy Fleece Embellishments and Cheryl Barnes, The Quilt as you go Advantage. Each afteroon, then, was devoted to checking out the more than 200 vendors selling everything you could want, need or imagine. In some ways, overwhelming, but quite fun. And it's a marvelous jump-start to creativity for many months to come. As you might imagine, I arrived home after 6pm pretty wiped out!

Working backwards a bit, on Tuesday I visited my friend Miriam (another RVing buddy) and she and I sewed together (along with visiting, chatting and generally setting the world a-right) :-) I managed to get 3 pillowcases done for the grands as little Easter extras. Sorry, no photos - One is baseball and 2 are butterflies.

Spring has been teasing us - intimating that it may arrive, one of these days [after the snow]

So there you have it. I will take my camera and Caro has promised to help me upload photos - so with luck you will be able to follow along with my adventures.

Oh life is so good!


Janaina said...

I just can´t wait for your arrival! I have no doubts it will be a blast! Just wish I could be there too...=(
Anyway...Stick to Caro, se we will follow your adventures inche by inche! At least I will! =)

Joke said...

To tell you a secret: we don't have toothpaste in the Netherlands, so do bring a lot LOL
I'm looking forward to see you, sending hugs already :)