Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring has surely arrived in the Netherlands

To finish up with yesterday - we had a most interesting and enjoyable day yesterday. Check out Caro's blog. I did manage to purchase a few fabrics - the reds are from the Haarlem quilt shop [I just read that it is no longer called Irma's, but simply De Sampler, Patchwork and Quilt Shop] and then on our visit to Evy's Quilter's Palat I found the wonderful blues. See the photos.

Today is another lovely day with very few clouds and very blue skies. We have been making very good use of the dining room table and working on many, many projects. The split 9 patch top [photo yesterday] is almost complete. I taught Caro how to do a string-pieced block. And then we made one up, cut it into quarters and made 4 pin cushions, just because we could. We have made a scissor holder from a potholder, finished the bag for the game tiles [for the new French/German game that Rob and Caro gave us] made a small ironing surface for Caro to put beside her sewing machine [with an cardboard yardage bolt, thinsulbrite and an old dishtowel] and tried out the new travel iron. Oh yes, and we had some breakfast. About 11 we showered and headed out the door to enjoy the sunshine. We drove to the North Sea and walked along the beach with dog running up and down. Oh glorious! There was a slight breeze but not enough to interfere with coffee in one of the beach stalls. How perfect for March.

We are being very lazy this afternoon. Tonight we will have the Quilt Bee at Dieuwke's home (again). My photos didn't turn out last week, so we will try again. Aren't I so lucky?

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