Monday, March 16, 2009

Tuesday, dawning sunny

No one can say that my life is dull. I just so enjoy all the variety. Yesterday in the morning, for example, we went for a walk with the dog in the nearby Haagse Bos (Hague woods) - an urban park with lots and lots of trees, located just a few streets away. On our way home we stopped at an appliance store and found a travel steam iron for Caro - I told her she needed one in her sewing room for quick presses - then we wandered past a stand that sold lumpia (sp?). So we wandered home and enjoyed that for lunch. We continued to work on Caro's split nine-patch made from charm packs I brought with me and made decisions about borders and backing. I also cotninued to work on my mouse, Wym. Such a very cute pattern.[he will have a face, just as soon as I embroider it] Caro has one she made last year - so they are currently sitting together on the dining room table [amidst all the other clutter and sewing projects] Caro and Rob gave us a new game, so I have made a little bag for the tiles [in case my hands forget how to use my sewing machine] ;-) After lunch we went to visit the Peace Palace. A most remarkable effort and fabulous building. The funds to build the building were provided by Dale Carnegie. Czar Nicholas liked the idea and gave money and gifts for the building. After dinner we watched a German movie with English sub-titles. Ain't life grand?
Today we are headed to Rob's grandmother for a cup of coffee and then will go into Haarlem. Sadly Lucy had to change our plans to visit with her and we will schedule that visit for another time. But we will visit Irma's - a very nice quilt shop. Such fun!!!!

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