Sunday, March 15, 2009

Taking a breather . . . .

Today (Monday) is our first really un-programmed day. I must say that I have been looking forward to it. Not that we haven't had a fabulous time, but you know those days where you hardly have time to think too much - just go go go. So today we get some of that back. The plan is that we will sew for much of the day. Caro has two tops cut out and ready to go, so we will each sit down behind a machine and see how far we can get. Elaine flew back to the U.Sl yesterday. Poor dear has work today. 5 of Caro's friends arrived late morning for a "quilt bee". Most everyone brought along their own project and cheerfully chatted around the large dining room table while working on their projects. This was a lunch "potluck"so we enjoyed a fabulous soup made of pureed zucchini and leeks, with small meatballs. Bread, cheese (of course, this is Holland) and egg salad. As soon as they all left, Caro's parents arrived from Deventer. Yesterday was Caro's birthday, so we celebrated with another Gourmetten dinner (various meats cooked on the griddle on the table). Such a very nice evening.

The majority of the rest of the week is dedicated to sewing and quilting, in a variety of ways. This afternoon we are going to the Peace Palace. There was a trial in session last week, so it is closed to public tours during those times. Tomorrow will be a coffe visit with Rob's grandmother and then a visit (and coffee) with Evy at Quilter's Palat. We had visited there last year and I'm looking forward to it.

The pictures will continue to come and hopefully make some sense. For those of you in Seattle stories are coming. Life is good.

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Janaina said...

I just LOVE to follow your Dutch adventures Marne! And you look so good on the pics! Hope you are having a terrifc time!