Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day 3, Sunday in Scheveningen

Relaxing breakfast, followed by a tram ride to Scheveningen. This town is located right on the north sea and is a "holiday" town all year. The weather kept improving as we walked first to a lookout tower, likely used by Mesdag as the inspiration for his Panorama [in the Hague]. This tower looks out over the dunes and the seashore. We then walked along the beach. Paco was sure this was heaven as people kept throwing his ball for him to fetch. We walked along the boardwalk and had a lunch of the famous Dutch pannenkoeken.
Returning to the tram, we were a tired but happy bunch.

Dieuwke, Erik and Willem joined us for a 'Gourmetten' dinner. In the center of the table a large griddle is placed. Everyone then cooks their own dinner. We had hamburger balls wrapped in bacon, marinated chicken [2 flavors], salmon chunks, marinated pork, pineapple slices and poffertjes - all cooked/heated on the griddle. Also served was a green salad and fresh baguettes. It was such fun! Lots of laughing, giggling, and wine brought a wonderful day to a close.

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