Friday, March 13, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!

You may have noticed that an entire week has gone past without blogging. We have been busy folks, here in the Netherlands. So the quick recap:
Mondnesday: the Haagse markt and downtown den Haag (Hema, C & A, V & D, the Passage)
Tuesday: Utrecht, the mechanical music museum and dinner with friends Goos and Jos
Wednesday: Amsterdam, Begijnhof and Amsterdam Historical Museum (Quilt group in the evening)
Thursday: long Bus ride to Kijkduin for pannenkoeken lunch
Friday: Aalsmeer flower auction (7am!) [quick trip to the vets as the dog got into some chocolate bars] and tour of the Dutch government buildings (Ridderzaal/Knight's Hall en Tweede Kamer)
There are a few more details on . There are many, many photos. We are lucky that we have had very little rain and only Thursday was grey and dreary.

PHOTOS Day 4 - 7 (Haagse Markt, Kijkduin, Amsterdam)
PHOTOS Day 8 Flowermarket/Auction
PHOTOS Day 8 Knight's Hall
PHOTÖS Evening day 7Dinner and Carcasonne

Today (Saturday) is Maurits Huis, art museum, and off to Delft for the afternoon.

Stories to go with the photos will be coming later.

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