Friday, May 14, 2010

Do you remember. . . .

Fred Rogers used to sing about it being a 'Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood'. Today was that beautiful day - oh, how wonderful

Anyone know what those white flowers are? They are a bulb and they close at night and bloom in the sunshine. Otherwise, we have lilac, rhododendron and (I think it's called) Wygelia.
A Mr. Lincoln tea rose. Their only competition on this side of the house is the rhubarb. Also a wonderful thing.

I know that I talked about learning about geocaching when we were in California over New Years. But we have been very slow to work on it much since. However, over Memorial Day week-end our RV group is going to have a workshop on geocaching and we have been asked to help. Of course, we said of course (and then knew that we had to hurry up and get a bit more comfortable with the whole thing.) So today we found another cache, one yesterday and one earlier in the week. We are catching on to this whole thing and it is fun!

I did a bit of finishing this evening:
Binding on Nathan's quilt. It is so "plain Jane" (should I say, plain Nathan) that I think I will tie it at the block intersections just because. I don't know if you can see well as the blue binding is so dark, but it is a stripe and I love how they look on a bias binding. The other finish was to put a back on the baby quilt I assembled at the quilt retreat. Little left-over squares on a flannel back. Our quilt guild sends these premie quilts to a local NICU (400-600 per year)

Have a great week-end everyone!

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Caroline said...

Your garden looks lovely, lots of work, it looks like lots of TLC. bye bye Caro