Sunday, May 23, 2010

Using up the Scraps

I am part of a local quilt guild called Stashbusters and I'm part of the Stashbuster group found here (right sidebar). However, I don't always specifically point this out when I'm using the stash, but seem to have been busy with stash this week.

Two Goodwill men's shirts (blue plaid and red/purple stripe) 2XL

Man's 3XL Tall blue/grey plaid shirt. Look at all the fabric for $3.99. I'm feeling mighty thrifty with this one.
On the back I'm using up the blocks that I didn't have the correct size. You may recall this is a pattern that is in centimeters but I don't have that sort of ruler, so did my best to guesstimate. Didn't get it quite right on my first effort (and ran out of one of the fabrics - thank heavens Caroline could get me some more from Germany).
Quilt friend Ronda made a courthouse steps quilt and had a shopping bag full of Civil War-type scraps. I'm not sure what I will do with them, but I string pieced them by colorways. Do you have any suggestions - I just couldn't throw them away.

A few signs of spring from out in the garden.

Trimmings from my Stashbuster raffle quilt squares - made into pinwheels. Waste not, want not!

Doing my best to keep busy! Hope you are too!

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