Saturday, May 8, 2010

More of Saturday

As I said before, today was my turn to be a volunteer at a local fabric/quilt store - simply to answer questions that folks have. Of course, we are often mistaken for employees and do get to regularly direct folks where to find this or that. But it is a pleasant enough way to spend 4 hours. Today we had questions about knitting, crochet, bias binding, "do you know what this fabric is?", "why don't my pins go in easily?" Big store, nice folks and all together a nice day,

This is the store that astonished Caroline when she was visiting the first time, because they have shopping carts to take through the store. But of course! :-)

And I had 4 hours to sit and do handwork - today was finish up the thread catcher, do some embroidery work,

and 'de-construct' two men's shirts (brand new size XXL, plaid) for some project or another. What a lovely day.

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