Monday, January 3, 2011

The Dutch are Coming (again)

Just like last winter, a contingent of my favorite Dutch girls is coming my way - Well, one of last year's bunch is coming.  We just always have so much fun and visiting and sharing ideas and cups of tea and and and. . . . .  Caro says she likes my breakfasts, so I'm enjoying planning some meals and trying to expand my repertoire, as well.  This year we will visit Port Gamble - a small, victorian town on the Olympic peninsula (formerly a logging/shipping port)  "Founded in 1853, by Maine businessmen Andrew Pope and William Talbot, Port Gamble was the longest continuously operating mill town in North America. Authentically restored and operated by Pope Resources, Port Gamble is the only remaining company owned mill town in Puget Sound."  Here is some of the nearby scenery

Pretty nice, heh?  And just so you know, here is what a pacific northwest beach looks like

Not exactly warm, sandy beaches - rocks and driftwood and a small strip of sand right on the water's edge.

I am really pleased to report that I have finished my 600 half square triangles.  I am adding the brown quarter square triangles to the pink and green strips to make parallelograms (sp?) and then can start to assemble the center of the quilt.  I believe the final clue comes this Friday.  I will have to digress for a bit to finish up a table topper for the CTA gal who made me the wisteria napkins - my return exchange.  I may clean the house a bit before my visiting houseguest arrives, but she knows me well enough by now to know that it won't ever be spectacular - but we're going for the cozy, homey look!

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