Friday, January 21, 2011

Stashbuster's is having a retreat

We are so fortunate that one of our Stashbusters is also an employee of a nearby church.  That means that we are, a couple of times a year, able to use one of their "halls" for a retreat.  We just set the room up for several cutting stations, bring in 2 or 3 ironing boards, hang 3 (or more) design walls and our own machines and we're off.  Patty was there today at 9am.  We finally left about 9pm.  We are able to go over tomorrow morning at 9am and sew all day.  So here are a sampling of things that people are working on.

Everyone is just able to work on whatever has been demanding attention in their sewing room.  A great time to finish up lots of UFO's and consult with our fellow quilters.

The strips for this are cut at 1".  Oh so small

Here are the things that Patty is working on:

She has a really keen eye for color and design, I think.  I'm impressed.

And here is what I was working on:
Efforts at needle turn applique.  It's cheerful.

Adding corners and a center square to make a star with crumb blocks.  A fun idea.  Will probably do more of these.

Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll - my Bonnie Hunter mystery.  These are just pinned up and tomorrow they will be sewn.

More photos tomorrow.

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