Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stashbuster's retreat - Day 2

We started shortly after 9 this morning and continued to have fun with thread and fabric.  It is really quite inspirational what some of these folks are creating.  So here you have a sampling of things to be seen around the room today,

It's fun to see all these, some of which are experiments.  Many of our folks are making pieces for a challenge that will be part of our upcoming quilt show.

And some more,
Snowflake not quite finished

Such variety.

Patty was busy today, too,

[Are you dizzy yet with these left and right and left and right sides?
Clearly my skill does NOT lie in online publishing.]

My good quilty buddy, Alayne, was busy,


Ronda wanted greens from everyone, so she could work on her tree project,

A delightful, productive day.  Many thanks to Ann, Sharon, Beth, Patty, Gabrielle, Becka, Sheila, Donna, Judi, Nancy, Jean, Colleen, Alayne, Kathy and Ronda.  Great!


Judy D said...

Fabulous projects, just fabulous!!! Whoever is doing the feathered star...Oh my! Someday I will make just one block and turn it into a pillow just so I can say I made one. Your friends do wonderful work. How much fun!

Anonymous said...

Lovely to see all your projects, can't wait to come, it's less then a month now. bye bye Caro