Sunday, January 30, 2011

Interesting Week-end

Aren't they so lovely and springy?  Makes me happy just looking at them.  We have enjoyed four bicycling vacations in the Netherlands in the past - fabulous.  Thursday evening some friends came over to talk about a bicycling vacation this summer.  They brought these sweet flowers.

And then, as I said, I left on Friday for the Women's Retreat.  It turned out not to be quite such nice weather as once predicted - mostly rain.  There were about 80-85 women there and we spent much of the week-end reflecting on gratitude and appreciation.  {not exactly what I was expecting, but. . . . .}  We did quite a bit of singing and as a result next Sunday there will be something of a flash mob at the beginning of the service.  Fun.  Here are a couple of shot of the local - really a lovely place on Lake Flora

As promised I worked on my flower wreath.  Because this was done as needle-turn applique, I was advised that it simply HAD to be hand quilted.  I followed the advice of two long-time hand quilters and outlined all the features of the piece.  The next challenge is to determine what I can use to mark the background in order to do grid quilting.  The few things I tried don't come out all the way.  Hmmm.  What do you use for just this sort of situation?

And there you have it. 


Anonymous said...

For grid hand quilting (or machine) I use blue painter's tape. It comes in several widths. I just put on one or two pieces at a time and quilt along the line and then move it to the next position.

Rhonda said...

The painter's tape is a great tool. Some machines have inexpensive attachments (foot or bar) for grid quilting.

Kim said...

Hello, Marne! I discovered you over at Paula's blog this morning. It's always a pleasure to meet another quilter. :-D

I usually use a water-soluble pen to draw my quilting lines. Hope this helps!

Joke said...

Wow, Marne, that is beautiful! I use a grey charcoal pencil to mark my quilting lines. You can easily brush it off after quilting.