Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday things

I laughed when I read the latest blog from Jossie, sometimes I really DON'T know what to title the blog entry.  It should be something catchy and fun - but on a rainy, old Thursday night who is that clever?  Guess it's not me.

So here we go with what's happening today.

I finished the 25 "red" squares for Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll.  Phew!!!  They took quite a long time, each, to make up.  A number of my points are not perfect, but oh well - they are done.  I have the string-pieced squares done - now to look at what is required to put the whole thing together.  You will notice that I signed up for the Rug Mug swap.  I needed something else to be working on and they should be fun and quick at 6" x 10" (approx).  Check out the website.

 This is my CTA exchange return gift from Jan F.  Cute, huh?  She does really nice handwork.

Not sure what this will be for, but I enjoyed sitting and working on this little stitchery.  My only disappointment was that the colors are so close together than they don't really stand out.  I may do a bit of research to figure out if I can change the colors and still have them "sort-of" in the right ballpark.

And there you have Thursday.  Keep warm!  Keep dry!

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