Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Helping a quilting friend

Sometime we just have to say "wait" and get ourselves a bit more organized.  Tuesday was that day.  Ronda had a day off work and asked if she could bribe me with a lunch and come to help her to organize her stash.  And we did just that.
Only a very small part of what was there!

I think the hardest decisions are HOW to organize your fabrics.  Do you sort by color?  pattern?  type of fabric - i.e. batik vs homespun or ????   We did spend some time pondering those heady questions and finally decided to separate out fabrics larger than 1/2 yard by color.  We made a collection of fat quarters, too.

Ronda is a great Goodwill shopper and has 4 racks of baskets in which to keep her fabrics in the closet out of the light.

A large collection of backs go on the shelf above, projects in process in the rack in the corner and quite a number of bits and pieces to be made into strips and squares for leaders and enders - thank you Bonnie Hunter.
Very nice and most productive.  Colby supervised, sort of. . . . . . .


Caroline said...

Yes, I think we quilters all have the same problem. How do we get organised. You did a great job.
bye bye Caro

ballardquilter said...

Thank you Marne. You were the muse that I needed to get the stash under control.

Laura said...

Do you do windows, too? ;)