Saturday, April 16, 2011

I forgot to show you

Last week (no, it was the week before) while DD was out of town and I was doing my Nana duties I did have a chance to visit the Kingston Quilt Shop.  While I did get a couple of yards of fabric (I know, I know - not stashbusting - but wait until you see it!) I also found a pattern and 2 books that are great.

Isn't that terrific?  This picture is a bit blurry but they have the actual quilt in the shop and it is stunning.  And two new books,

And the fabric - for a couple of pillowcases

Do you love it?  I know that some do.  However, on a much more mundane note, I did find a pattern and fabrics at the church Superfluity sale, that did call my name,

And my MAJOR Superfluity find, was this
It is Le Creuset.  3+ quart enameled cast iron.  I have had to work hard - lots of elbow grease - to clean the grease off of it.  But it sure paid off, when you consider that it came to live at Nana's house for $1.
I really want to try the no-knead bread that you make in this sort of a pan.  Have you tried that?  And what about the knob on the lid?  What has been your experience?  I have wanted one of these for some time, but they always are just too doggone expensive.  I'm excited!


Laura said...

What fun, friend! I'm glad the D.O. cleaned up so nicely for you & will look forward to reports on how it handles no-knead bread. That quilt picture is absolutely stunning! So bright and cheery! And the fabric you bought -- LOL!

Caroline said...

Love your ferryboat pattern, it remembers me of Seattle, and the trips to Poulsbo. bye bye Caro

Anonymous said...

That's a real goor bargain! (the Le Creuset pan). I have exactly the same, also in orange. It stays OK, sometimes after cooking you need to put water in it for a few hours so cleaning goes better. But it is great! You can put it in your Dishwasher, bur not the lid! Or it will turn out rusty. I never had problems on the knob. Have fun! Dieuwke