Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Countdown continues (with lots of photos)

As many of you know, this is going to be one exciting summer for us.  One of my "bucket list" items has been to do a house swap in Europe - and this year it is happening.  A computer is coming along so Nana's wanderings and adventures, hopefully, will be chronicled with words and photos.  But that also means that we have a lot of "stuff" to get organized at this end.  One never really realizes just how much there is in our homes that we have put aside for something important - or is that only me?  [I doubt that!]

And so here are a couple of little things that I found in Nana's stash.  This is the original Nana (my mother) and these were hers.  Aren't they just so cute.  I have them, but have no idea how to showcase them well.

Part of the thimble/sewing notions collection

Pewter thimble from Iona, Scotland

Friend Judy from Stashbusters knows that I really like finding interesting men's shirts to use as neutrals in quilts.  She brought me this one, which I have cut up.  I like it!

That's a lot of fabric from one short-sleeved shirt.  I'm a happy girl.

And here is the Bird Brain designs angel I'm working on.  A perfect in-front-of-the-TV projects (as I don't want to start anything really big.  I'm trying to clean up!)

Sorry about the wrinkles.  But isn't she sweet.  Now I do have one challenge and would really appreciate your suggestion.  This uses #8 Perle cotton for the stitching with a #4 needle.  However, I find it difficult to thread without a threader.  How about you?  Do you use some sort of tool or what?

Busy days. 



Laura said...

Marne, your Nana's treasures are delightful. Is there a way to put them in an on-the-wall curio cabinet and showcase them that way?

And have faith about the spring. We're gearing up for weather in the mid-80s here tomorrow. Sure wish I could share some of that with you. :)

Cybele's patch said...

Lovely collector's items. Are you getting excited yet for your trip to Europe? It is only a few weeks. Will be great seeing you again!

PS Could you bring some rain? We haven't had any for the last 6 weeks.

Caroline said...

We're countingdown on this site of the world as well. bye bye Caro