Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Superfluous - more than is wanted, needed or necessary

Each year some of the women of our church organize a sale of superfluous things called "Superfluity".  It is quite amazing and seems to continue to grow in size and scope.  Goods are collected starting right after the first of the year and the sale itself is right around Easter.  Folks are organized into teams, responsible for various items, such as linens, household, decor, jewelry, sporting goods, special treasures and BOOKS!  (can you guess where I work?)  We have been working at the church for the past 2+months sorting to prepare for the big day(s).  Tomorrow evening is the pre-sale and you must have a ticket to attend.  Folks begin to line up around 4pm and we open the doors at 7pm.  We seem to get quite a few dealers, such that last year on the pre-sale night alone, the books department raised over $1000 - at $1 per book that's a lot of books.  Friday will be full sales day, 9:30-4pm (no admission fee) and Saturday morning.  Last year we raised over $30,000 all of which was given to worthy organizations in the community.  There are 3 pre-schools in the church and they get to do private shopping, along with special time for church staff to visit our amazing extravaganza.


Sporting goods


Hope we do well.  We sure have enough stuff!

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Laura said...

I'm soooo glad there are people in the world like you & E. who will take on projects like that so people like me can avoid them like the plague. There's nothing about rummage sales that's attractive to me. That said, I'll be praying for a HUGE profit for you all. I know it will be a blessing to many people in the community.