Monday, April 25, 2011

Rainy Monday (again)

Some days (or should I say some years) it is really hard to be patient as the weather sorts itself out.  We have had more than 3 inches of rain above the norm, so far this year.  And so while there are flowers about, they are late or beaten down by the deluge.  It is discouraging.

My sweet D-I-L is on spring break this week (a 7th grade teacher) and so she and I had a day outing.  First we managing to get to the kitchen store to get her some bakingware - a left-over gift from Christmas. [alright, alright - it's late I know, but neither of us could find a good time.  She is excited to have a couple of days to play with her new dishes, now.]  Then we went to Pacific Fabrics to find some fabric to make drapes for her bedroom.  That will wait until after our trip for completion.  But nice, nonetheless.

So what's been happening at Casa Nana?  Not much as I haven't been here much.  Last week was consumed with getting my daughter and kids ready to and then actually to effect a move.  They are (un)settled in their new little house which is much closer and Nana likes that part a lot.  The other night with very little traffic, it took exactly 18 minutes from her driveway to mine.  Yeah!  No more long ferrylines and waits, not to mention the expense.  They are cleaning the old house this week and then will continue the slow process of weeding out what needs to be kept and what can find another home.  It might have been nice if that had all happened before the move, but with her out-of-town trip, etc. it just didn't.  So now it all begins in earnest.

When I have been home and able to stay awake, I have been doing more of my needlework.  Just silly dish towels, but I needed some new ones and so I may as well try to make them look pretty.

I am excited to try my hand at some marvelous stitcheries from  
Check out their website as they have some of the cutest designs.  I first saw them (that was me, not the company) at the Sewing and Stitchery Expo in February.  More of that to come.

Nana hosted the Easter gathering with DD and family and ex-hubby and his wife.  (yes, we all do get along)

Don't those Peeps just make you laugh?

Happy last week in April (can you believe it?)

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Caroline said...

Love your Easter bunnies. Must be very nice on the table. see you in less then a month bye bye Caro