Saturday, April 9, 2011

Stuff and Things

Everyone survived Nana duty.  The kids were just great and considering this is their first adventure with mom out of town for a week, they were truly amazing.  The easy little project I brought along was some hand work.  I really need some new dishtowels, thus

We got a funny little parcel in the mail this week.  It was a belated Christmas gift.  It included a little device to pick up coffee filters -

And a riotous hot pad (you know, to pick up something hot)

Don't you just love it?  My very own Kermit frog.

My last accomplishment this week, was I got this little piece I had stitched completed with borders and a frame.  This is for my CTA gift exchange.  I hope Rebecca is pleased with it on Monday.

Today was my turn to be the CTA volunteer at a local fabric store.  Twice a month we volunteer to be in the store and just be available to answer questions and try to help out customers with questions.  It is quite fun and today was no exception.  We were quite busy and it made our 4 hour shift go by very quickly.  And they are kind enough to give us a discount card to use during the next month.  Nice, huh?

We're progressing with preparing for our adventures in the Netherlands.  Just about 5 weeks to go.

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Rob Duikersloot said...

This side of the world is busy with preparing your arrival in the Netherlands. It's now less then 6 weeks. bye bye Caro